The Good&True Organics
Base Theory™

At Good&True Organics, we believe in a radically different approach to skincare. And it all starts with our Base Theory.

What is Base Theory?

To understand our philosophy, you first have to understand how skincare products are formulated and manufactured. At Good&True, our veteran formulation scientists have engineered a cumulative 10,000+ formulas for hundreds of brands over their careers, so it's safe to say we know what we're talking about.

So how are the skincare products you use every day formulated?

Any good formulation process generally starts with a goal, and a rough idea of how to achieve that goal through a blend of any number of ingredients. This goal could be "A moisturizer that's light but super-hydrating and easy on sensitive skin" or "A cleansing gel that effectively cleans with no harsh chemicals".

Once a goal is set, a formulator will begin the research process. In today's world, this generally starts with a database, such as Coptis or any of the hundreds of chemist database's which provide base formulas that can be searched by numerous criteria.

In other cases, chemists and manufacturers will simply purchase a base that fits their needs from 1000's of reputable suppliers such as or

And it rare cases, such as at Good&True, a chemist will create this base from scratch. A true R&D process that can take months to years of trial and error, in order to perfect the consistency & effectiveness of the desired product. Our moisturizer for example was the result of over a year of R&D and 200 variations before finally reaching the perfect formulation.

These base formulas, which provide all the necessary active ingredients and supporting ingredients will then become the foundation for that product's formula. 

At this point a chemist will begin adding any other ingredients that are desired or requested in the formula. Unfortunately for a vast majority of brands, this is driven by the marketing department. What trending ingredient can we add to give ourselves an edge? What sort of fragrance will make people love this product? And so on and so forth. These extra ingredients often end up comprising a majority of the formula, even though they often provide little to zero increased effectiveness.

But this is where we stop.

And this is where our Base Theory comes into play. 

When we started Good&True, our scientists were perplexed by most of the products other brands had asked them to create in the past. If the base formula provides all the necessary ingredients for an effective product, why add the fluff? Why add ingredients that often cause adverse reactions or actually work negatively toward the product's goal?

Our formulation process stops at the base, because the base is what you really need. We spend years developing the best possible base formulas in the world, and then we package them up and send them to our customers. Simple as that. This means you're getting everything you need, and absolutely nothing you don't. No fluff. No trendy ingredients. No added fragrance (That's why you'll notice the pure essential oil scent with all of our products). And no non-sense.

And that's why you can feel comfortable, regardless of your skin type, that our products will serve you in the way that they should. That's our promise.