A Note From Natalie

"Social media has made it hard for me and my friends to feel good about ourselves. We’re constantly comparing our looks to “perfect” girls we follow online who use tons of makeup, apply correcting filters, and edit their photos.

We buy products to look older, and spend tons of time getting ready, only to still feel like we aren’t enough.

I wanted to find alternatives that enhanced our natural beauty, but everywhere I looked I was pushed expensive products, makeup, or color cosmetics.

That’s when I went to my mom (a beauty industry expert), and together we designed a skincare line that bring out the natural beauty in girls. We believe all women are beautiful, and it’s our mission to empower them to love their natural beauty, not cover it up." - Natalie A

We believe in keeping it simple. No nonsense, no b.s., just really good ingredients your skin will thank you for.

We believe that no one should suffer from what you put on your skin – either you or others, as well as our growers and our shared environment. We live by a 'Soil to Skin' ethos where we safeguard and protect the integrity of our high performance ingredients right from our growers until our products reach your hands.

We work directly with small farmer growers, primarily in the Andes Mountains and Amazon Rainforest of Peru, who use sustainable, certified organic farming practices that don’t damage the earth, and which empower them to preserve their cultural traditions and build sustainable futures for their families.

Our Ingredient Sourcing

Many years of scientific research have gone into sourcing our plants from their perfect growing conditions around the world to attain the most potent, targeted and magical results for dry skin. We only source lovingly grown, therapeutic grade, organic botanical ingredients when they are at their freshest and most effective. We treat our grower family fairly. All our formulations only use raw materials where each ingredient has a specific function and benefit.

Our Ingredients Process

We gently process the organic petals, seeds and fruits used in our formulations and combine them at effective concentrations for targeted, functional results for dry skin. Our precious oils are cold-pressed mechanically so their properties are not damaged by heat and our flower essences are steam distilled to preserve their beneficial properties and extract the highest quality essential oils available.

We never use minute concentrations of ingredients or large amounts of 'filler' materials in our products. Rather, each chosen ingredient fulfills its important and specific function within our blend and is present to work synergistically with all the other ingredients. We understand and respect each plants essence.

We combine this ancestral wisdom of the land with the latest green beauty technology developed with a team of leading cosmetic chemists and formulators to create our raw, living organic skincare range that delivers superfood nutrition to dry skin.